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In the vision of the Holding to consider that one of it’s obligation to take rules in the humanity issue, the founder of the holding take a decision to establish a humanity organization in Switzerland called International organization for Refugees, Environment and Family Affairs REFAI NGO The objective of this organization is to establish and participate in humanity projects on the refugees and environment and children, orphans, woman, handicap and young people programs and projects, and to a sure this source to financing, to cover the need to the realization of this program and projects the founder decide to give REFAI NGO 10 of the holding share
This organization will have branches in Belgium, Germany and other European country The Holding consider that one of is duty to participate in the development project and program in each country where we will establish our electric EV projects, take in consideration to establish also a branch of REFAI NGO, who will have a participation of share in local company to do this mission of development in cooperation with the Governments and non Governments organization in that country REFAI NGO

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