Production plant



• Government
• Government Stability
• Freedom of Press, Rule of Law, Bureaucracy, Corruption
• Regulation / De-Regulation Trends
• Social / Employment Legislation
• Likely Political Change


• Business Cycle Stage
• Growth, Inflation and Interest Rates
• Unemplyment, Labury Supply, Labour Cost
• Disposable Income / Distribution
• Globalization
• Likely Economic Change

Socio – Cultural

• Population Growth / Age Profile
• Health, Education, Social Mobility
• Employment Patterns, Attitude to Work
• Press, Public Opinion, Attitudes and Taboos
• Lifestyle Choices
• Likely Socio – Cultural Change


• Impact of Emerging Technologies
• Impact of Internet and Reduced Communication Cost
• R&D Activities
• Impact of Technology Transfer
• Likely Technological Change



The plant will be built according to international regulations on environmental impacts ISO 26.000
Water: Differentiated drinking water system - technological water, decantation tanks and recovery of technological waters, filtration for the recovery of polluted waters, tanks for the fire service with possible use for purposes.
• Thermal: Cooling and heating system valves for production use.
• Gas: Proportional valves and specific gravity.
• Smoke emission: Heat recovery and CO2 abatement or pollutants.
• Production waste: Plant for separation and re-use of raw materials, disposal plant for infrastructures for non-recyclable materials (about 5% of waste volume) or materials destined for any energy production systems.
• Green areas: Irrigation system with low energy consumption and low water consumption


It has tasks of direction and coordination of the district in its fundamental aspects and policies and is composed of four main department:
• Financial
• Commercial
• Industrial
• Marketing, external relations, press office
Within the Holding there are the common bodies placed in staff and in support of the operating companies of the district.

• Central Quality (industrial management)
• Maintenance and Security (industrial management)
• Central Logistics (industrial management)
• Commercial and sales service (commercial management)
• Risk Management (commercial management)
• Administration (financial management)
• Human Resources (financial management)
• Budget and Cost Control (financial management)
• Purchases (financial management)
• IT system (financial management
• Industrial Management of Production Areas
• Management of extra production site companies
• Management of intra-company production companies


•Create a clean environment
• Fight the phenomenon of unemployment
• Fight the phenomenon of immigration
• Support social development
• Improve ISEV & REFAI-ORG international image

Factory composition…

  • Scooter Business Unit
  • Property and Real Estate management
  • City Car Business Unit
  • Sedan Businees Unit
  • BUS Business Unit
  • R&D Business Unit
  • Common Services
  • Post Sale
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