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The first chapter concerns the history.

​The first chapter concerns the history.

The history is divided into 2 main and general parts.
It was reported that when God brought Adam and Eve down to Earth, He brought them down to 2 different places and asked them to find each other.
This is a great message.
At the beginning of humanity, the human being started from his 1st message which is: research, meet, and development.
Knowing how to search for yourself, how to find yourself, how to build a new life, a future to create a new world.
The more research there is, the more people to meet there are, the more development there is… Everything started from there.
The objective of human beings is to discover the earth and to broaden their knowledge and their means of communicating with others. At first, he moved with his legs and then with animals and many other things. This is in order to develop and improve one’s life to have more encounters and to be able to communicate with others.
It was so for centuries.
All developments generate innovations,
Traders and manufacturers will develop means of transport to be able to communicate with others.
After that, they found other means of communication by several means until the 20th century.
In the 20th century, the development of technology transformed the earth to a small village.
They have developed the means of transport: planes, trains, cars, trucks, in several dimensions that can transport people, goods, etc…..
The 20th century was therefore the most important period from the beginning of humanity in the development of everything.
The human being has therefore understood that it is necessary to communicate and to use all possible means to be able to communicate with others even if they go to attack etch others and to fight in order to have more means and more wealth.
The human being has therefore understood that his development of wealth is by dedeveloping all means of communication (transport, telephone ,… itc)
That’s when the Internet made history.
The Internet has made it possible to communicate with people on the other side of the planet.
The goal of growth has exhausted all the different energy resources on earth.
Unfortunately, the “dirty” energy has led us to pollution at the end of the 20 century to a life that becomes more and more difficult if we continue to do so.
That’s when life began to become dangerous.
It was absolutely necessary to change the energy we use to clean energy. It was from there that we began to completely derive people’s thoughts to protect the future.
A new generation that is replacing “dirty” energy with clean energy where we will gradually eliminate the pollution that is the greatest danger of future generations. That’s when everyone, both the laws and organizations such as the United Nation or the European Union, tried to use derivatives and develop the means to have a clean energy to ensure a possible and safe future on earth.

En même temps, au XXe siècle, nous commençons à disposer de moyens de transport qui sont devenus importants pour que les développements génèrent une nouvelle vie.
Tous les différents moyens de transport étaient dans la course pour présenter quelque chose de plus fort et plus rapide qui peut voyager à une vitesse plus élevée, ainsi qu'un niveau de sécurité plus élevé, etc...
Il y avait sur le marché de nombreuses marques qui présentaient tous les moyens de transport en concurrence les uns avec les autres pour présenter quelque chose de plus sophistiqué, plus fort, plus rapide, qui pouvait rouler à grande vitesse avec une sécurité élevée.
De nombreuses marques de différentes catégories sont entrées sur le marché en tenant compte des critères de beauté, de vitesse, de sécurité et de faible consommation de carburant.
A la fin du XXe siècle, le facteur économique est entré en jeu, ce qui est devenu très important parce que tous les moyens économiques dans le monde étaient très faibles. Surtout quand ses ressources n'étaient plus réservées à la haute société et sont devenues un moyen de transport populaire. C'est ainsi qu'à la fin du XXe siècle, le facteur économique est entré en jeu, ce qui est devenu très important parce que tous les moyens économiques dans le monde étaient devenus très faibles. Surtout quand ses ressources n'étaient plus réservées à la haute société et sont devenues un moyen de transport populaire. Ainsi, en permettant à chacun d'avoir son propre moyen de transport.

II - Our story……

In 1982, Rosario Falsone arrived from southern Italy to Turin, and worked for years in car manufacturing, painting and design. He opened his own design and painting company (Vercarmodel) and started working with major brands such as Ferrari and others and invested himself completely in the creation of the new vehicles from the design until manufacturing the prototypes .
This is how this man was able to build his great place in the automotive world across borders (in Europe, America, and ouver the world).
It was then that many other brands such as Maserati, Porsche, Fiat began to take an interest in the person and the incredible work he provides while taking into account the criteria of beauty, speed, safety and economy….
Elle est devenue un véritable leader dans le secteur automobile avec plus de 1200 projets avec différentes marques.
Then he transfer his company to Research & Development center to serve most automotive brands in the world.
After his engineering studies, Rosario’s eldest son, Giorgio, joined the family business and then worked for other brands to further his knowledge.
Georgio launched the idea of replacing petroleum-powered motor cars with “clean” energy that will eliminate pollution by ensuring a better future for the next generation. Less pollution, less consumption in the world, that’s when all the brands started to take an interest in the idea and came to the family business.
En travaillant dur jour et nuit, Georgio a permis à la voiture électrique de voir la lumière du jour tout en respectant les critères de beauté, vitesse, sécurité et économie.
L'objectif était de continuer à bouger, de communiquer avec les autres pour se construire une nouvelle vie, de se développer tout en protégeant les conditions de vie et en réduisant la pollution.
Il introduit un nouveau facteur qui est la technologie.
Après des années de travail et de réflexion, il a développé la voiture électrique accessible à tous.

Les productions sont fabriquées en Italie et couvriront une partie d'un marché européen.

Such a project of this magnitude with thousands of employees needs strong strategic with a strong management structure, it’s for this reason it had to be united with other parties from the highest levels professional with grand knowledge and experience to develop a great strategy and management structure and lead the establishment and the management of this project.

To ensure the proper management of the business, it enters into full cooperation with KPMG, which is renowned as the best in management, control, supervision and development in the world .

The projects will have a very high positive impact on the national economy and society of the country being developed on its land, for this reason, this project is considered as a strategic investment where it offers much benefit, and the facilities given by the governments to be able to develop this projects on it’s lands will deliver to that country many fruitful benefit at different levels .
It also provides a social benefit, which allows thousands of families who will benefit directly or indirectly from the existence of this project and its industrial complex in the country.
In short, the holding company was created to supervise the management of the all projects and manage the company’s assets and participate in the investment of production plans in several countries to extend electric vehicles projects and manage to provide the necessary financing.
On the other hand, manage the profits that will be generated in relation to the production result and reinvest them in other projects related or not to electric vehicles and allocate part of the profits to humanitarian and development foundations.
The Holdingl company will try to be independent in order to completely cover it’s internal services, little by little, until it becomes completely independent, and this can be done through careful great plans have been developed to establish the various services companies that the group needs from a distribution company and logistics services company to the financial services companies as banks and Leasing company.

Philosophy, ideology and strategy are linked.
There are two things we take in consideration in parallel:

• We have an obligation to leave a mark in history that is to participate in fighting against pollution for future generations and to ensure a better life for them with less pollution by using clean energy and replacing energy that is almost exhausted.

• To succeed our business and generate a funds to be able to continue to spread and grow our projects in order to enjoy the profits with other people in the world related or not to our projects. That’s why we establish the REFAI-NGO Foundation, ( International Agency for Refugee , Environment and Family affairs ) a humanitarian foundation that has been setups, beside the Holding to develop the humanitarian and development projects around the world .

Because of our philosophy of being able to share the profits with other it’s for that we reserved 15% from the net profit of the Holding projects to share them with others. Our philosophy is to participate in the country’s humanitarian and development and sustainable development projects (school, hospital, water, electricity …. itc) and to involve with them in building their future.

This project belongs to all of us and we all participate together to succeed this projects .

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