​Pilot Plant

Objectives of the pilot plant

  • Training of personnel working in production plants
  • Production of cars for homologation, tests, road tests and continuous
  • Design, assembly, and certification of molds and production equipment
  • Improvement of production methods, quality, use of industrial factors
  • Computer system management
  • Quality management and methodologies, for production, after sales, spare parts
    and authorized workshops

Pilot plan development methodology

a) identify which processes we want to keep monitored and with which reference objectives
b) propose indicators
c) establish the responsibilities for their management (data collection and their distribution)
a) measure performance
a) analyze and evaluate the data collected
a) make decisions to improve the measurement and monitoring

Direction, and development team

  • 1 management team (TDG) dedicated to the coordination, promotion and control of all activities and in particular of the
    operating teams; as follows:

    A) Finances, budget, report industrial
    B) Commercial and partner aspects.
    C) Industrial and productive aspects.
    D) External relations and marketing

  • 3 technical-operational teams (TTO) of inter-functional matrix and dedicated to the technical and technological set-up of
    the respective business units that will operate in the district, with the presence of 3 seniors + 1 junior with adequate
    characteristics and technical preparation: Project manager, process technologist , plant technologist, assistant.
  • 1 plant design team (TPI) placed at the service of the three TTOs for the preparation of the executive projects and
    composed of 9 units of which 4 are senior and 5 Junior provided by the university.
  • An external professional for industrial relations
  • At the service of the 5 teams there will be a secretariat and an administrative officer, for a total of 28 people.

Internal pilot plant bodies

  • Central quality (industrial management)
  • Maintenance and safety (industrial management)
  • Central logistics (industrial management)
  • Sales and sales service (commercial management)
  • Risk manager (commercial management)
  • Administration (financial management)
  • Personnel and human resources (financial management)
  • Budget and control (financial management)
  • Purchases (financial management)
  • IT system (financial management)
  • Technical direction
  • Research, Design and Development Center.
  • For a total of 280 people.

Pilot plant activity

  • Production plant design and launch of purchase orders and their monitoring
  • Planning of production aspects
  • Definition of logistic implications
  • Definition of commercial policies
  • Start-up of the commercial structure and contacts with partners and customers
  • Definition and implementation of professional conversion plans and training programs on the available skills of the entire area
  • Definition of the technical, managerial and organic structure of the production companies
  • Quality Policy
  • Personnel and human resources policy
  • Environmental policy
  • Definition of predictive and preventive maintenance plans
  • Drafting of supply documents for raw materials
  • Preparation of self-qualification plans for products
  • Definition of the three-year research and implementation start-up plan
  • Consultancy & business and projects establishment and management
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